The warm embrace of the Three of Cups

When you’re learning tarot, one of the most useful things to do is to do a daily draw. Every day, shuffle and cut your deck, draw one card — just one — and get to know it.

While I was looking for a guide post — What exactly does the usual daily draw look like, anyway? — I clicked on Beth’s Three of Cups post (and another one!), smiled at the familiarity of it, and shuffled my deck. With the sounds of a babbling brook in the background, I breathed, drew a card, and saw — the Three of Cups. Was it coincidence, fate, of the magic of the Cups at work?



The Three of Cups shows three women in flowing robes: one in pure red, the other in pure white, the last a mix of the two, with a red dress and white skirts, dancing, three Cups held aloft between them. At their feet are fruits and vines — pumpkins, grapes, thin leaves — suggesting autumn, or harvest season. In the far-off distance is the uncolored outline of a bare tree.

The card seems to talk about joy and celebration with the people closest to you, as well as the arrival of good things. When I checked with Bunning, I learned that true enough, the Three of Cups is about exuberance, friendship, and the spirit of community. And of the three cards in the tarot that focus on the group, the Three of Cups focuses on emotions (and therefore also refers to psychological or emotional support, including counseling).

When you see the Three of Cups, examine the relationships within a group, reach out to give or receive help, and work to strengthen relationships and find joy in them.

This card popped up in my reading with Kayleigh Jean, and like for the other cards, she made me describe it as if she’d never seen it before. And as I did, I smiled — seeing cards with women on them makes them seem so much more approachable, more applicable, and it became the first of three: the Three of Cups, the Queen of Cups, and Strength! (It’s one of the reasons, in fact, that I want my next active deck to be non-gender related, like the absolutely gorgeous The Wild Unknown Tarot, or female-oriented, like The Dreaming Way Tarot.)

There’s something about the friendship of women that gives you strength in the darkest days as well. Like the Queen of Cups, the Three of Cups brings me comfort and hope, and I hope to see it more often in the future!

Daily draw for December 21, 2015, Monday, read at 6:00AM.


2 thoughts on “The warm embrace of the Three of Cups”

  1. I just purchased my first set of my own cards and the daily draw is an excellent idea! Thx. I find that when I am in card reading mode I close my eyes at night and the images come alive as I reflect on the day and its circumstances. I’m sure your blog will be quite helpful as I learn.

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    1. You’re welcome, ajosacha! I often refer to Beth’s blog, Little Red Tarot (, for spread ideas and inspiration, and use Joan Bunning’s Learning the Tarot website ( for interpretation. I hope these will help you too! 🙂

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