Open your eyes to the Four of Cups

This is the third time in a row, at the very least, that I’ve drawn a card that I used before for a Daily Draw. Is the Universe trying to tell me something? That I should understand the cards before using them in my own readings? Haha!

The Four of Cups shows a man in deep thought beneath a tree in summer, contemplating three Cups in front of him. However, he’s so intent on the Cups before him that he doesn’t notice the fourth Cup being handed to him — the opportunities he’s being presented with.

The Four of Cups represents self-absorption, thinking in circles, and overthinking. It’s being so preoccupied by the earthly world or your current situation that you turn a blind eye to opportunities and potential.

Reversed, the Four of Cups represents finding your way out of a period of apathy or depression; slowly beginning to open yourself up to opportunities again; and using what you’ve learned through introspection in real life.

Actions to Take

When I see this card, it’s time for me to look up, see the Cup that’s being offered to me, and reengage with the world. Because one of my weaknesses is being too introverted. I rarely need to reminded of the fact that I need Me Time!

What I do need to remember is that there’s a world beyond me. And that world is as important as the world within… and it can be just as amazing if you give it the chance.

Daily draw for January 3, Sunday, drawn at 9:00AM.


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