‘Round and ’round it goes

Hi, tarot journal.

Sometimes life hits you with a backhanded slap on the first day of work. You know the type — you start the day ready to face whatever the client will throw at you, get through your first few job orders, then you receive an email with the subject line URGENT EVALUATION REQUEST. You click, and the message appears: “Hi, Vera. I need you to urgently complete this evaluation and send it back to me by Friday…”

For your mentee.

Because they want him gone.

It’s only Tuesday but it feels like a whirlwind of a week. Not that this issue has taken up the entirety of the past few days — and honestly, I’ve known it was coming — but, well, it’s been a lot for him to take in. He feels heavy and discouraged and I don’t blame him at all. But I keep telling him that it isn’t the end of the world, that life goes on. Which is what the advice I got from the Wheel of Fortune card I drew when consulting the tarot yesterday.

Considering this — and the fact that I’ve spent tonight and last night talking him through this event — I guess it isn’t a surprise that I’ve been saving my energy for the world offline. For the past two days, I’ve awoken, taken a bath, meditated and journaled my Daily Draw while air-drying my hair, then headed off to change and drive to work. I guess it makes learning the tarot more personal. A part of my Quiet Time, as it should be. But it’s become more solitary, too.

He’s handing in his resignation notice tomorrow. I’m just thinking out loud. I’ll probably listen to Kayleigh’s Pisces 2016 tarot forecast and head to bed. G’night. x


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